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Thomas Kelly

Thomas has a lifetimes’ experience in the care industry, having been bought up in the business originally started by his parents.  He is passionate about elderly care and ensuring that Margaret House remains at the forefront of best practices in dementia care.

Gail Kelly


Gail, with her background in customer service, ensures that the day to day operation of the home runs smoothly all the time.

Elaine Cooke

Home Manager

Elaine has risen through the ranks at Margaret House due to her dedication to both residents and their relatives.  She is our first point of contact for anyone enquiring about the home and is always available and has time to talk or meet with relatives.

Emma Clark

Care Manager

Emma has over 10 years experience in the care sector and is passionate about providing the best care and a safe and supportive environment for her residents.

Lea-Ann Smith

Activities & Lifestyle Coordinator

Lea-Ann ensures that a wide variety of both group and one to one activities take place.  Because we take time to find out about what each resident personally likes and enjoys, she is then able to ensure that our programme caters to each individual’s needs.

Linda Nunn

Kitchen Manager

Linda has over 20 years catering experience, including 12 years working in kitchens across Europe.  She uses her vast knowledge to produce a seasonally changing, nutritionally balanced and delicious menu, as well as special meals across the year showcasing different cuisines, such as ‘Taste of Italy’.  Linda and her team are happy to provide individual menus to meet any specific dietary requirements.

Shane Cox

Deputy Unit Manager

Shane has many years experience in the care industry and her kind and caring nature is always focused on meeting each resident’s needs.

Sam Adby

Marketing & Operations Manager

Sam has over 25 years’ experience in business operations and marketing.  Her background includes running a market research company which specialized in healthcare research.